Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gardens and Guns

So I sat in the Dentist's waiting room for two hours today waiting for my kids who were in to get their teeth cleaned. I read every magazine they had and I have to say I was not impressed with the selection. There were lots of copies of "Parents" and "Family Fun" which ten years ago I would have been thrilled to find but I have since moved on and now I want tabloids and trash. Where were the "People" and "US" magazines with cover shots of Jon and Kate or Tom and Katie?

I would never subscribe or even buy a "People" because number one, I am too cheap and number two, that is what waiting rooms are for...catching up on my pop culture. So today, my choices were the "AARP magazine", "Working Mother", a old copy of "Newsweek", and a copy of "Veranda" (which I liked but I couldn't make it last for the whole two hours). And then I saw a new one I had never seen before called "Gardens & Guns". Who is this magazine's audience??? I think it was trying to be a Southern "Town & Country".....lots of photos of estate like homes and men walking up the winding driveway of a country estate with a hunting dog and a gun slung over their shoulder. Hmm....looked like old Southern money to me. Wish I had me some.

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