Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Canada

I am back from Canada and had a wonderful trip. And I laughed and laughed. There were four of us who are friends from our days in college at CMU. (I am talking Central Michigan University...not Carnegie Mellon.) Our group consisted of a First Grade Teacher, ( but in Canada they call it "Grade 1" and and they don't say "when I was in college" instead they say " when I was at University".), a Digital Marketing Expert, a Public Relations Consultant, and me the Cheese Specialist/Homemaker/Novice Blogger.

Day 1: I was the last to be picked up at the airport and from there we headed directly into downtown Ottawa. What a gorgeous city! The Rideau Canal winds through the city and the buildings are beautiful. The downtown area is lined with restaurants, shops, and outdoor cafes and so our first stop was to have a cocktail outdoors at The Aulde Dubliner.

Dinner was next and the reservations were at the Sweetgrass Aboriginal Bistro and I have to admit the menu made me a little nervous. It is was a quaint restaurant and the menu choices were rabbit, duck, wild boar, bison, buffalo, venison, and trout. Ok, there was some salmon too. But not being a big fish eater and not too fond of any form of "game" I was feeling a bit anxious. I tried to hide my desperation and asked the waiter what kind of soup they had that night and was happy when told it was Potato Leek with Fennel. That soup was heavenly good. All of our food was heavenly good. The Public Relations Consultant's "Gathering Nations Salad" was fabulous. The First Grade Teacher's buffalo was delicious. We all had a bite. Yes, I am proud to say I ate buffalo. The Digital Marketing Expert and I shared a stuffed carrot. And it was the best stuffed carrot I ever ate! It was incredible. Stuffed with quinoa and lentils and a reduction sauce of maple syrup and some other unidentifiable flavors and it turned out to be a party in my mouth! So the Cheese Specialist/Homemaker/Blogging Novice stepped outside of her box and enjoyed her stuffed carrot and a taste of buffalo all in the same night. It was a fabulous restaurant and evening.


Anonymous said...

I found the comment thingy! LOL! Sounds like an AWESOME trip--so glad you had fun!

Lisa said...

Yea! I am glad you found it and left me a comment! Ottawa and Montreal are such great cities and I only saw a very small bit of it. I would go back in a heartbeat!