Friday, July 17, 2009

My Cottage Cheese Looks Like Dippin' Dots

My cottage cheese (and I am not talking about my cellulite) looks like Dippin' Dots. I wash my cottage cheese and yes I know that is strange but I just don't like all that white and creamy stuff on my curds. I like it "dry". So I carefully wash or rinse all the white goo off in a strainer under cold water. Most times I am happy with the store brand of cottage cheese but they were out so I went with the higher priced Daisy container. As I was rinsing my cottage cheese this morning I noticed how incredibly uniform all the curds were. They were all exactly the same size not the usual assortment of different sized nuggets. Very odd indeed! No problem...just an observation and I shook on some Texas Pete and they were delicious.

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