Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laundry Room Day 2

Laundry Room Day 2
I played hookie from work yesterday so that I could get a start on the laundry room. My plan was to paint around the edges of the room but once I got started.......I couldn't stop! I was able to get the whole room painted except behind the washer dryer by the time my husband got home from work. He then moved the appliances away from the wall and finished painting the area behind them. It looks fantastic and very green and I love the way anything in black or white pops against it.

We keep cutting trim pieces with our new mitre box and I keep running back to the store to buy more trim. Hmmm... maybe we should have measured before we got started? The cabinet doors have called for 5 pieces of trim so far. Another light bulb went off as I was looking at the selection of available wood trim. I found the most beautiful piece of wood trim that is 2 1/2 inches wide with leaves carved into the wood and it has a beaded edge. We are going to frame the center area where the cookbooks will be housed with the wider trim and I am going to paint it black! We had a scrap piece that we had cut wrong so I grabbed it and sprayed it black as a test piece and held it up to the cabinet to see how it looked. Gorgeous! So it was back to Lowe's today for another piece of the wider trim.

While wood trim shopping I also spotted a piece of a decorative scroll cut wood. I guess the best word to describe it is "plaque" and it is extremely thin and flat. I plan to paint it black and glue to the face of the cabinet in front of the sink. So....progress is being made.!


Unknown said...

Isn't funny how when we're really in the mood to create a room the hours just fly by! This sounds like a wonderful project. I took get inspired by the prospect and endless possibilities offered in wood trim. There is such variety! Keep up the good work and keep the ideas flowing! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks! I am hoping to finish up the trim work by this weekend and get some photos taken. Thanks for the wood trim link. I will check it out!