Wednesday, August 5, 2009

25 of My Most Memorable Meals

Today is my birthday! No big plans...I am trying to fly under the radar on this one. I am taking the day off work and having lunch with a friend. Then I am going to do some shopping and later go out to dinner with my husband. As for gifts...hmmm, I think I would like someone to clean my house for me. Yes, that would be nice.

I have been thinking and laughing about My Most Memorable Meals lately and put together this list. In no particular order:

1. Poutine somewhere in Quebec, Canada in 2009 on the college girl's reunion weekend.

2. Shrimp and Grits at Ganache Restaurant in Greensboro, NC. I was a Shrimp and Grits virgin.

3. Buffalo and Stuffed Carrots at the Sweetwater Aboriginal Bistro in Ottawa, Canada in 2009 with same college buddies.

4. Flap Jack Shack at 2:00 am in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan when I was in college. Don't really remember what I had and I am sure the people I was with do not remember either but I know in my heart it was delicious.

5. Australian Lobster at Jameson's by the Sea in Hawaii on our Honeymoon in 1985 with my new husband dressed up as a Miami Vice/Sonny Crocket wannabe.

6. War Shu Gai (Almond Boneless Chicken) from Wing Hong"s Chinese Restaurant in Farmington Hills in the 1980's. It was later torn down. Have not had Chinese food as good since.

7. A Pork Chop at The Ember's in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. It was the nicest restaurant I had ever been to at that point in my life. My roomate Joanne's Dad treated us.

8. Surprise Birthday Dinner with friends at Country Epicure in Novi for my 30th birthday. I loved their Pasta Primavera with Crab and their corn bread. And yes I was very surprised.

9. Dinner at Morton's Steak House in Chicago when Jim and I were dating. We saw Shaun Cassidy in the restarant that night. Yes! David Cassidy's brother!

10. Carlos Murphy's on Northwestern Highway in Michigan for happy hour (I was single and poor and so the Happy Hour snacks were my dinner) when I was working for Sprint.

11. Spare Ribs from the Rib Burn Off in Strongsville, Ohio.

12. The Greek Salad and bread stix at Mitch's on Cass Elizabeth Lake Road in Michigan.

13. Dinner at Win Schuler's...I think my husband proposed to me later that night. You would think I would remember something like that? :)

14. Winning a $250 night at the Whitney in Detroit when I worked at ROLM. We had trouble trying to spend it all. How that was possible I can't say. Let's just say that wouldn't be a problem today.

15. Drinking Beaujolais with Jim and his roomate Pat at Bennigan's in Royal Oak, Michigan and being the only one who didn't call in sick to work the next day.

16. Prime Rib at Mountain Jacks in Michigan. Have never had Prime Rib as good as that since.

17. Dinner at the "Oldest Inn in Monteal". 4 hours and $400 (Canadian, eh) later.....enjoyed every minute of it.

18. Bonefish Grill in Myrtle Beach in 2005 for a reuniuon with my college buddies. I had Wolf Fish and it was delicious. Leftovers the next day....not so much. P. U.

19. Tony's off of I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan when I was pregnant in 1990. The 3 Lisa's from ROLM took a road trip. Never saw so much bacon in my life. Oh the grease and the smell of it.

20. Rib-Eye Steaks and Crab Legs at the house in Myrtle Beach that we were guests of and had our own private cook for the week. Can you say spoiled rotten?

21. Yum Yum's in Greensboro, NC. On the UNCG campus in Greensboro. The hot dogs are red and they top them with chili, mustard, onions and coleslaw. They also make their own ice cream. It is in a dive of a building and looks exactly like it did some 60 plus years or more ago.

22. Boiled Peanuts at a neighbor's house in Greensboro, NC watching the Georgia Bulldogs game.

23. Taking the kids to Leo's Coney Island in Michigan last summer and watching Joe Dumars from the Detroit Piston's (back in the 80's) eat his breakfast.

24. Not eating a Deep Fried Turkey while visiting friends in Morristown, Tennessee because the men lost track of time and incinerated it. Talk about "blackened".

25. Eating shrimp steamed in beer and "Old Bay" everytime we go to the Outer Banks in N.C.

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