Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Am A Reluctant Foodie And I Don't Do Goat

Reluctant because I don't like the word. Who came up with the title of "Foodie" anyway? I really do not like it. Couldn't someone come up with a less "cutesy" word than that and something even a tad more clever??? I don't pretend to be a "gourmet" but that is a much better word that "Foodie". I don't know what to call myself.
I like to dine in restaurants and I like to shop in specialty markets. Shopping in the local Harris Teeter can be torture for me. I love to explore new cities and check out their bakeries. I love to look at everything in their display case and I love the way a bakery smells. I appreciate the decorative details in a decorated cake or the shape of a cleverly cut and decorated cookie. But...

I profess to love cheese and yet I don't do goat. I don't like goat cheese at all except I like feta. I am pretty much a cow's milk cheese kind of girl. I get squeamish thinking about cheese made from sheep's milk. I don't do veal. I only like white, flaky, and mild fish. I don't like to smell let alone eat "fishy" fish. If you caught it in a lake...I'll pass. Calamari gags me. But surprisingly, I like mussels. Game does not pass my lips. Venison or rabbit. I don't think so. Lamb never. Pate....and Fois Gras...not going to happen. I like red wine but do not care as much for white. And it is no secret that I wash the white goo off my cottage cheese and mmayonnaise is not allowed in my house. I like olives. I like most vegetables and fruits are good with me.

Give me real fresh artisan bread any day over the squishy pre-packaged stuff. I like my deli meats extremely thin. I usually order my coffee half and half. Half regular and half decaf. Mocha frappachino even better. I do not like full fat ice cream. I don't do turkey bacon. If you are going to eat bacon, eat the real thing. I don't do ground turkey as a substitute for beef....ever. Turkey Chili? No way. And I don't ever put cottage cheese in my Lasagna. Ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan Reggiano is the only way to go. Cream sauces gag me. A plate of Pasta Alfredo will make me run for cover.

So what kind of foodie am I? Not a very good one I guess. What kind are you?
And by the way, did you know that August is National Goat Cheese Month? Let's party.

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Mrs. P. said...

.....I love this post! Very funny. I do like goat cheese but I do have my own oddities and we're in total agreement on MANY things (venison & rabbit for 2). I enjoyed this post very much.

BTW, when I read the title of the post I wasn't sure what you were getting at (goat meat, goat milk, goats in general, etc.). Very humorous.