Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Powder Room Project "Before"

Powder room Before....Stay tuned for the After. It might be a while!

I am juggling this week. I have lots of projects in the works. The biggest is that our daughter is busy packing for her first year in college and so there are lots of last minute things to pick up. We are moving her in to her dorm room on Saturday. I am handling this quite well I think! I am sure it will hit me as we drive away. She has been busy with saying goodbye to all her friends this week as they all leave for various colleges and universities. She was a sweetheart yesterday and took her younger brother who starts his second year of high school next week out shopping for school supplies while I was at work. It is going to be quiet around here after she is gone.

I have plans to re-do my downstairs powder room. I still like the room but it is about 8 years old, has wall paper, and is just starting to look dated to me. You can click on the photo to see the wall paper up close. I have to decide what exactly I want to do in there. Let me show you some "Before" photos. The mirror, towel ring, and tissue roll were all gold colored and brass. A can of metallic black spray paint started the re-do process and what a big change already! They now look like the oiled bronze accessories you see everywhere. The mirror needs some touch up on the inner ring. I will do that by hand with a small brush. The towel ring and tissue holder look amazingly different. Both of them needed two coats of spray paint for full coverage. I did not prime them. I just did the two coats of the metallic black.

This will be a long project but I feel good that I at least got started. So here are some photos of what the room looks like now....wish I would have remembered to take pictures before I painted the mirror and and accessories but I think you can guess what the gold tones and brass looked like in there. The black metallic paint worked great. I really had my doubts that it would stick to the shiny brass tissue holder but it did and looks fabulous! Now the big decisions need to be made. Like what color to paint the walls! Any ideas???


kkalika said...

Lisa-I LOVE this--we have all that brass in 2 of our bathrooms and this is an inexpensive fix. So you used METALLIC black paint--was it spray paint?

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Yes, I used a spray paint and could not believe how it stuck to the shiny brass on all the fixtures I painted. I used Rust-oleum, Bright Coat, Metallic Finish spray paint. I found mine at Lowes. I love it! It is a black/brown metallic and looks like the oiled bronze you see on all the new fixtures today. I used it a few months ago on the knobs on the cabinet in my bathrooms too. Saves A Lot of money! Tip: attach the knobs to a big piece of cardboard by screwing them in to it. Much easier to paint them. Good Luck!