Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chalkboards and Flowers

I had to share more flowers with you. These are from my dear friend "M" who gave them to me yesterday for my birthday. Gorgeous!!

Now for the Chalkboard talk. I saw a post on the Southern Hospitality Blog about the joys of chalkboard paint. And I actually discovered this on my own years ago . I forgot that I had made a chalkboard and it has been hanging in my kitchen for the past 8 years. Making it was easy. I had a picture in a frame that no longer matched any of the decor in my new house so it had been sitting up in the storage room. The light bulb went off and I decided to turn it into a chalkboard. The best part was that I still loved the frame.

I took some painter's tape and some newspaper and carefully taped off the frame I took a can of black chalkboard paint and sprayed over the picture till I had a nice and even first coat. I let it dry and then added a second coat. What a great and easy project. You can find white chalk for cheapness at the Dollar Store.

The chalkboard has been fun over the years to announce birthday's like my daughter did for me yesterday or for announcing what is for dinner. This is an EASY project.
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