Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ivy 005

Just picked up these mini pots of ivy today and tucked one into my mini watering can and the other inside my mini solarium!   Both pieces were found at the Goodwill a while ago.  That geometric glass piece in the back is new and also from Goodwill.  It is a hurricane for a candle.  You can still see the orange Goodwill price tag peeking out from the back of it.  I need to remember to pick up a pillar candle for it.  Just thought I would post a photo of some greenery as we look forward to Spring.   The wind yesterday was unbelievable!  I was getting my hair cut and the wind knocked out the power to the hair salon.  So I was unable to have my usual blow dry and had to leave the salon with a wet head and walk to my car with 50 MPH winds and a chill factor of 6 degrees.  It wasn’t pretty.  And I’m talking about my head.  “What happened to you???” was the first thing I heard when I walked in the door.  Hurry Spring.  I can’t take much more.  It’s been a long winter!

12 comments: said...

What a day you had!!!

I am glad though that you brought a touch of spring into your home! It is nice to have the reminder that it IS coming soon!!

I love ivy ~ I had it in my centerpieces for my wedding, my hubby had it at a birthday party he threw for me and the house we just bought has ivy all over the property!

Have a great day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love Ivy and it looks so pretty in your holders!

Melanie said...

Would have loved to have seen that:)

Thanks for posting a picture of something pretty and green. Summer can't get here quick enough.

The White Farmhouse said...

Sorry to hear about your "hair raising" experience. I usually come home from getting my haircut and redo it and play. Drives my hubby crazy! Love the ivy and how you placed it.

Tee said...

That wind was nuts, wasn't it?! We had a large piece of plywood blow into one of the company trucks and knock out the tail light. I thought of you the other day - went to the GW for the first time in a long time. I kept saying "try to see things like Lisa would see them" to myself. Ha! It was fun, though and I think I'm hooked!

Cathy said...

Your ivy looks beautiful! It brings everything to life! The perfect touch of spring!


Lou Cinda said...

I adore this. LOVE the solariam and watering can! Goodwill? Lucky lucky you!

I had to laugh at the visual I got of your wet headed self running for the car in 50 mph wind and 6 degrees! Your hairdresser should have given you a discount!

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda :)

Allyson said...

Oh grrrlllll, you are not even kidding. I remember last February being slightly uncomfortable for a few days and then back to high 40's, low 50's. Now? Just miserable all the time. We had the same high winds and 6 degree wind chills. So, in that respect, today is better. But it made my soul all warm and fuzzy to see something that is not
a) brown and leafless
b) leafy but obviously dead and
c) made in China and sold at Hobby Lobby.
So, thanks for that!

Rambling Girl said...

I know what you mean...this weather is unbelievable...we are suppose to get snow tomorrow...Middle Ga...I am shock.

Oh and I love ivey!

I sat on your blog most of the day yesterday taking breaks while at work and love, simply love your blog! Adore it...ok I am sounded chessy now...sorry but I really loved everything you talked about.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Oh no lol! Not the thing you want to hear after just having your hair done... I am tired of winter too. Your ivy is lovely...

Jen and Chris said...

You must have as amazing goodwill! I follow your blog and I'm always so impressed with things you find.

I would also LOVE to know the color of paint in the room with the PB clock you just made. I am trying to find paint just like that!

julie king said...

es, spring can't get here quick enough for any of us!