Monday, June 7, 2010



 Flower Pots with Chives 015

I made another garden pot today for the Chives I purchased today because there was no way that I was going to pay another $2.99 for a small package of fresh Chives from the grocery store!  I bought a plant today at New Garden Nursery for the same $2.99 price and hope to have a never ending supply of Chives this summer.  The pot is a good size for it today but I can tell already that I’ll need to move it to a bigger pot in a few more weeks or move it out to the garden so that it can really big.   (And the red chairs you see in the fire pit…..don’t be alarmed…we are not getting ready to set them afire or anything like that.  We set them in there when we cut the grass and it looks like someone forgot to put them back.) :)

Flower Pots with Chives 011

So with my stencils and my outdoor paint I stenciled on another flower pot label to add to the collection.  I’ve been moving all the pots to the deck railing for the last few days so that they could sit in the sun and dry out after all the rain we have been getting.  You know the kind…sunny skies and the next thing you know it’s pouring rain.  It’s been a bit steamy around here lately.

 Flower Pots with Chives 020

I loved how the Rosemary in the “grow” pot fit in my lantern.  I used to keep a candle in it but during the day the sun melts it so now I only bring one out in the evenings when we are sitting out on the deck.

Flower Pots with Chives 022

I think my new chive plant needs a haircut. :)

   Flower Pots with Chives 027

I will probably move the Rosemary that I am growing in the “grow” pot into the garden in the Fall.  Rosemary grows huge down here in the sunny South.  As big as a shrub.  We had to pull one out of the front yard last year because it got way too big.  They get pretty little purple flowers on them when they bloom.

        Flower Pots with Chives 002     Flower Pots with Chives 006

And then there is this little furry creature. Bold and Brazen doesn’t even begin to describe this little guy.  We have been relatively squirrel free the last few years which always surprised me because we have a huge Oak tree in the back yard and every Fall there are tons of acorns.  I guess the secret is finally out.  We have about 4 squirrels that look like they have moved into the backyard.  A bird feeder doesn’t stand a chance with these guys around.  So far we are co-existing nicely but believe me…I’ve got my eye on him and his buddies and they had better behave!!  And they don’t bother Oakley in the least, she finds them quite entertaining.


Debby said...

That is such a cute idea! I don't have much of a green thumb but think I could handle this! How nice to have fresh herbs. Thanks for a summer project I can share with my daughter! xo

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ha! I know all about the candle melting in the sun deal ~ I have one that is quite deformed right now and I should just chuck it. I normally bring them in the house and then out at night when we are out there, but this one must have been forgotten. Your pots are looking great and I like how the Rosemary is growing up in your lantern.

sissie said...

I really like your idea for the pots. I hope you have good luck growing your herbs, you are off to a great start.

I love squirrels. We have black ones here on the coast, but they can be little pests even though they are so dang cute!


Jane said...

Your painted pots are wonderful. I love how they look all lined up on your deck rail. As for those squirrels....we have a few that have made feeding the birds impossible too!

The White Farmhouse said...

It is like Potapalooza going on there! I like it though. I used to have a chive in a pot that looked like a hippy. It was cute with his big poofy afro of chives. I just found my patch of chives whacked down by my dear sweet hubby. Hmmmph!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

As usual, love your pots! So cute. And smart about growing your own chives plant - any herb plant for that matter. They can be expensive at the store.

You know chives are perennials. I have some planted in my herb garden that come back every year. I also have a mini herb garden with chives in a big pot on my deck (cause sometimes I'm too lazy to walk out to the garden LOL) that comes back every year.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Oh forgot to mention how jealous I am that you can grown Rosemary in your garden down there. I have to try to winter-over mine in the house. I had success this past year, but it's rare!

Melanie said...

I love the herb in the lantern! Great idea. When we lived in Georgia, we had squirrels so bad....I hated them. They just eat everything and mess up too.

Joyce said...

Those little critters are thrilled with your herbs. I like your pots. I hate paying all that money for herbs that I may use a teaspoon for a recipe and then they go bad. I do dry out the basil and use that and keep some in the freezer. I am making Inas orzo with shrimp with fresh dill this week and there is no substitute for the fresh!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

What a cute idea. I love growing herbs-it makes me feel like a real grown-up!

Jennifer said...

My chives grew so fast I had to cut them back, clean them slice them and freeze them flat putting them in ziploc bags for the winter for recipes. I also did basil and oregano. I love herbs! Where do you buy your stencils? Are they plasitic? Jennifer jennsthreegraces

kim said...

I love all your painted pots. Good idea. I have my SLAH lantern outside, too. I painted it black after the sun faded it so bad.

mimi said...

Love all your painted pots and the stenciling on them is so cute...., think I may have to paint some pots!thanks for the idea!

Lori said...

I LOVE the words on the pots!