Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Updates

1.  I am still in the “cheese caves”…so busy with work right now.   Can’t seem to get anything started or finished right now.  So please bear with me and my “randomness” post.  It’s all I got right now!!

2.  I stopped by the Farmer’s Market today to check on the cucumber supply for making pickles.  They are almost ready…just a couple more weeks I think. 

3.  My garden is full of yellow squash plants that I didn’t plant.  The plant leaves are as big as satellite dishes.  Last year I just let a few of yellow squash decompose in the garden.  Well, the seeds self-seeded and I have 9 yellow crook neck squash plants and nobody in my house likes to eat yellow squash.

4.  Still haven’t planted my pumpkins or cucumbers in the garden yet.  I’ll get to it one of these days.

5.  Husband was home sick all last weekend into the beginning of this week running a fever with no other symptoms.  Doctor said he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.   His trip to Germany was cancelled.  He is on antibiotics and feeling much better.  I hate it when he is sick. :(

6.  Mah Jong has been cancelled twice this past month.  But next Monday we are scheduled to play.  Hope I didn’t forget how.

7.  Moved daughter into her new apartment last week.  She is a happy girl right now.  Summer session starts next week.

8. I opened my Etsy shop with my garden stepping stones.  Haven’t sold any.   But over 450 people looked at my “Save Ferris” stone.   Nice to know there are others out there that share my sense of humor.  I think my prices might be too high.

9. We just signed up for Showtime.  Love it!  Big fan of “The Tudors”.  Need to check out some of the other series they have.  Anybody have a favorite Showtime series????

10.  I really need a vacation.

Oakley and Evan 024

11.  Oakley’s happy. 


CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hey Lisa! Lover your "random, check-in" post! Let's see . . .

1. Don'cha hate when work gets in the way of fun!?
2. Can't wait to see a tutorial on pickle making. I've only ever did freezer pickles.
3. I call plants like that "surviving soldiers". I get tons of morning glory in my veg garden every year although I personally havne't sown a seed in years! 4. Get to it, girl! hehe ;o)
5. Sorry to hear Hubby's been sick. Here's to a speedy recovery . . .
6. I'm the same why with Bunco. We go too long w/out playing and I have to relearn every time.
7. I bet she is! We'll be moving Son No. 2 out July 1. I'm sure he'll be equally happy.
8. I love your stones! I'm sure you'll sell bunches real soon.
9. LOVE THE TUDORS!!! Unfortunately, we don't subscribe to any premium channels so I'll have to wait for season 4 on DVD.
10. Right there with ya - a vaca would be nice.

Have a wonderful day! :o)
(could this be the longest comment in history?)

Snappy Di said...

I have a pretty good feeling that Oakley is always happy. No? Bet so.

Go play... don't work so hard.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Love this post, Lisa!:-)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Planting pumpkins, visiting the farmer's market, making pickles...did I just open up an issue of Martha Stewart Living! You do it all girl!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think we've all got a "randomness" post! : ) I did one, too! It's such a busy time of year; add in a day job and it seems like there is no time for ourselves.

Melanie said...

I watch Weeds on Showtime but my favorite show is Big Love. It's on HBO though. Glad hubby is better too!

sissie said...

Hey Lisa,
I like your random post. Lots of fun to read.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I love Nurse Jackie on showtime and United States of Tara also on showtime.,
Your poor hubby!
I have decided not to plant anything this summer.
I know I will regret it in a month.I am lucky to have lots of friends with gardens though! ( :

Anonymous said...

LOVE the tudors! But don't have showtime. I catch it on dvd now and then.