Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wood Flag for the Fourth

Flag 027

I have wanted to make one of these wooden flags ever since I saw one in the Pottery Barn Catalog and especially after I saw the one made by Stephanie and posted on her blog Under The Table Dreaming.  The one she made turned out great and I knew I could make one too! 

 Flag 009   Flag 010

I already had a piece of wood that I found at the Home Depot.  I picked it up for under $5.00 for some other project that I guess I never got around to. :)  Using a pencil and a yard stick I marked out on the board where I wanted my stars and where I wanted my stripes.  I was able to get the 13 stripes I needed and after looking at the real flag that we hang off the front porch, I noticed that the top and bottom stripes needed to be red.  I marked off each stripe and you will notice that my stripes are not uniform in size but they are close.  I wanted it to look hand made.  I pulled out my blue painter’s tape and taped off the stripes after I painted the blue background for the star area.  I used an Outdoor Opaque paint make by Plaid Folk Art and I love these outdoor paints.  They are thicker than regular craft paint and really hold up to the outdoor weather conditions. 

Flag 014

After I painted all the white stripes, I then painted all of the red stripes being sure to paint the sides of the board as well.

 Flag 017   Flag 015 

Painting the stars was fun.  I had a mini cookie cutter set that I have never used and it was perfect for helping me paint the stars.  I decided to stagger my stars in rows of 6 stars and 5 stars.  I didn’t have room to fit in all 50 stars but who’s going to count?  I think it looks fine.  If you use the mini cookie cutter method I did be sure to have a paper towel to wipe the bottom of the cutter in between painting each star to prevent “smearing”.    Another way to do the stars would be with a stencil or simply find a star shape you like off of Google Images.  Look for a “star silouette” and then modify it to a size you like and print it out.  Cut it out and then trace around it.  Paint it to fill it in. 

  Flag 032

I let my flag dry overnight and then the next day I took some leftover wood stain and rubbed in over the entire piece and WOW!  It make a huge difference it how it looked.   It looks older and more finished…just the way I like it. 

  Flag 022

Right now I have it on the top shelf of the potting bench we keep out on our deck.  It serves as a bar and beverage/food center when we entertain.  The sun has been baking it and all of my beautiful black paint is lifting off in big pieces.  This will be project for later in the Fall when it’s cooler.  I’ll have to scrape and sand it and next time I think I’ll try and use an oil based paint to see if it lasts longer.   

Flag 036

And there you have it!  My American Flag made out of wood.


And I finished it just in time to take part in the Star’ & Stripes Party over at Centsational Girl.  Come have a look at all the other ways other creative bloggers have come up with to decorate and celebrate the Fourth of July.


Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Love it! You did a beautiful job!

Happy 4th!

Melanie said...

Nice job! You are a painting machine:)

Madigan at madiganmade said...

This is very striking. Great job (and I love the little pots). I noticed your burlap placemats in your banner and love those, too!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I did, Lisa. I counted the stars. ; ) It looks great, very clever to use a cookie cutter as a stencil! Too bad about the potting bench paint. There's got to be something you can use so that doesn't happen. Maybe a marine sealer like they use on boats.

In our first house {many, many years ago} we stained an unfinished wood door that I fell in love with and put a couple of coats of a marine gloss polyurethane on top. It held up great for the almost four years we were there.

Allyson said...

Oh I love it!!! And I didn't even realize the stripes weren't uniform until you mentioned it. ;) I think it's just a very sweet addition to your entertainment bench!

Katherine Thomas said...

Very nice! I love to see things at trendy stores like Pottery Barn, then come home and make them myself! You did a great job. I loved the step by step photos!
I've gotta go down and read about those nachos I just saw a peek of!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

Your photos are stunning!! I am so happy to have finally checked out your blog!

Christine said...

You did such a great job!!! Love it.

Susan said...

OK, that's IT!!!! I'm gonna do this, even if it is after the 4th of July. :)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

What a fun project! I love that Americana look...great job of painting! Happy 4th, Lisa!...hugs...Debbie