Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 2nd Floor of “Bear Lodge” in Summerfield, NC

“Bear Lodge” is the home we toured last weekend and it is a home decorated and opened to the public to help raise funds for The Muscular Dystrophy Association. A few days earlier I posted the photos I had of the first level of this gigantic 6000 square foot home and today I wanted to take you upstairs.

The Farm Mansion 050

Here is one of the first bedrooms we found upstairs and it was one of my favorites probably because it was green. My own house has a lot of green so I felt right at home in this room.

The Farm Mansion 049

I liked this little sitting area that was included in this room and I liked the painted wood detail. Rustic but nice.

The Farm Mansion 058

We had our choice of two stairways up to the 2nd floor and we found this nice leather chair at the top and of course I had to take a photo of the Golden Retriever pillow…looks a lot like our dog Oakley.

The Farm Mansion 047

The hallway upstairs was wide and had beautiful hardwood floors and really unique artwork like this chicken painting.

The Farm Mansion 077

This bedroom included two twin beds and it was a nice large room with a bit of a cowboy theme.

The Farm Mansion 079

The Farm Mansion 078

The Farm Mansion 076

And here was the bathroom for the little cowboys. None of the bathrooms really blew me away but they were still very nice.

The Farm Mansion 060

Next stop was this bonus room. It was a combination of a Family/Game Room and had an Exercise area near a big window that had a gorgeous view overlooking a mini lake.

The Farm Mansion 059

I liked this game/snack table and the horizontal stripes on the wall were nice. I am seeing this kind of wall painting more and more and I am not sure how much I like it just yet. It looks great here but I am not sure I could do it in my own house.

The Farm Mansion 062

Another simple bathroom but I did like the color blue they used.

The Farm Mansion 063

Another Bedroom….hmmm, it’s green too and I kind of like this one too! I really loved the blinds on this window.

The Farm Mansion 065

Very nice!

The Farm Mansion 067

Another farmhouse sink in this bathroom. I think that makes 3 farmhouse sinks total in this house.

The Farm Mansion 071

Here is the 2nd floor Laundry Room. Remember I showed you the one on the first floor a few days ago. How nice to have one on each floor!

The Farm Mansion 072

I loved the black and white floor and had to take a shot.

The Farm Mansion 081

And lastly, this was a very small study room/office???? It was a bizarre shape and decorated a bit extremely with the animals…..Not sure a giraffe fits in with the Rocky Mountain “Bear Lodge” theme they had going but who am I to judge??? I was going to buy it but the giraffe turned me off. :) I’ll take you outside to the patio and terrace later this week.


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Beautiful home, Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos. Great cause and inspiration!

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